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                company profile-Guangdong JinCai Technology Co., Ltd.
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                company profile

                Dongguan Jin Cai metal products Co., Ltd., founded in 2013, is located in dongguan city DaLing hills, 38 serial road, belonging to Hongli Zhihui Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300219), a wholly owned subsidiary, is a four square production workshop, our company has a strong research and development background, specialized in metal powder injection molding (MIM), CNC machining and parts vacuum deposition (PVD), and other products development, production and service.

                Metal injection molding is new technology that introducing modern plastic injection molding technology to powder metallurgy field and form a new type of metal parts of near-net shape forming.

                MIM industry of Jincai 
                Metal is officially to run the industrialization in the second half of 2012, It entirely copies  the vacuum coating industry meticulous management mode, We use the international most advanced Germany CATAMOL feeding system for MIM products development and production. For global from all industry customers of life to provide large quantities of high quality and reasonable price of MIM products industry . The company condensed the senior technical、management and market development expert team. We provide to customers with preliminary design sample development and bulk production of the MIM products one-stop solution with the most mature of the MIM technology、efficient supply chain management and quick effective large-scale manufacturing capabilities.

                Our company is located in the pearl river delta of China's most dynamic region, Pass through many year 's accumulate of the international first-class enterprise experience service、advanced technology、large-scale production capacity、perfect and efficient subsequent supporting ability,We have been established strategic cooperative relations with Apple Blackberriy with Nokia and other international well-known enterprises. Jincai Metal has been gradually moving towards the MIM industry of China and growing into the MIM industry one of the most rapidly developing MIM enterprises.
                The company owns more than 10 sets machine that the most advanced intermediate frequency magnetron sputtering ion plating multi-function vacuum coating, It adopt the most advanced coating process, mainly processing all kinds of metal hardware 、clocks、jewelry、golf heads、phone panel in a functional coating、decorative coating business vacuum. Ion plating have good applicability and adornment to metal hardware decoration and cutting tools precision parts .It’s not only won’t affect the product fitting accuracy, but also increase its wear-resisting and corrosion resistance. It also improve the product hardness and change the appearance of the product play a good decorative effect.Vacuum coating film main types are: IPG (BULOVA standard color 1N14 、2N18 ), IPR (rose-golden) IP chrome、IP brown、IP pewt-er 、IP black 、IP blue、IP titanium golden、IP champagne golden、colorful, etc., What's more , According to customer request coat-ing some special functional composite layer.

                CNC division of Donguan Jincai Hardware Co.,Ltd was established in May 2014,  professionally engaging in the metal, plastic products, precision CNC, carving, such as highlight production, with complete, scientific quality management system. Our company is in the development stage.It  introduced Japan brother and Beijing Jingdiao precision machining equipments, then introduced British Renishaw and Renishaw RMP40 workpiece probe, and configured the Japanese original Metrol microset. In the process control ,we are in the industry-leading level, now we have CNC, carving and highlight equipment more than 200 units.
                Company built a sound quality and environmental management system and passed the relevant certification, through the comprehensive  quality  and environmental assurance system and continuous quality improvement activities,quality makes perfect at each stage, Concentration、Fen grossment、Profession and Monopolize the praises.Pursuing the world tide of market to demand and customer satisfaction.

                With international advanced technology and improve the effective supporting ability of domestic first-class manufacturing capacity and service level, Jincai Metal Co.,Ltd. gradually establish strategic cooperative relations with international leading enterprises.Our company provide one-stop solution that from product design and product development of small batch trial production to mass production for customers , Providing strong strategic support for the customer's end product competition ability , Jincai warmly welcome the person of from all walks of life to visit and establish a win-win strategic relationship together.
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