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                Company Advantage-Guangdong JinCai Technology Co., Ltd.
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                Company Advantage
                Geographical advantage:Factory is located in Dongguan, has close to the market information communication convenient manufacturing complete logistics network developed regional advantage, can quickly respond to customer needs

                Experience: 10 years experience in advanced enterprise services, formed the rigorous management pattern established sound quality and environment system reserves abundant technical management personnel

                Scale Advantage:
                At present, Two big industry scale of Our company’s MIM and PVD in the industry leading level except Zhongnan electron. Strong production capacity surely provide the industry's fastest delivery; For cell phone、watches and clocks etc., has a full range of comprehensive offer a quality guarantee
                Jincai Metal Co., LTD. Has strong capital backing and excellent production equipment, So You needn’t worry about our production capital.

                Service Advantage:
                Management team unity made up by energetic young who has a positive market service concept, the company with meticulous management、timely communication and positive service won the trust of many customers
                The mould made by ourselves、with a complete equipment, sample and production delivery can be effectively control.

                Quality Advantage
                Company with meticulous management and stable quality win a good reputation in the industry.
                Sophisticated production equipment,、a wholesome quality management system and perfect testing equipment provides a strong guarantee for quality.

                Cost Advantage
                Large-scale production and special equipment to ensure high quality and low cost
                Diversified products and services, Management resources sharing、industrial complementary advantages、and effectively reduce management costs.
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