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                MIM technology sources-Guangdong JinCai Technology Co., Ltd.
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                MIM technology sources
                MIM technology application began in 1973, Parmatech company established by American Weich ,It’s a specialized in MIM technology research and product development work, but then the MIM technology is still in its infancy, unknown until 1979, its products in the international conference on powder metallurgy products design competition won two awards to cause the attention of powder metallurgy industry. Since 80-90 - s of the 20th century, the application of MIM technology have a good development, the MIM technology industrialization is developing very rapidly. In the United States、Japan and in other countries and regions of Europe are widely used with Swiss high-grade watch case and strap 70% made by MIM technology. The US government listed MIM technology as the United States economic prosperity and nationalsecurity .It plays a crucial role of the national key technology. By the end of 2007, global MIM products sales up to $1 billion. According to experts predict that in the foreseeable future, the MIM industry will be grew for more than 20% in a few years.

                Due to the international advanced countries of the MIM technology transfer restrictions factors, China research and develop it independently .Atthe beginning as early as the “seventy five”、“eighty five” plan period had listed the MIM technique research as high and new technology, then intensify research in the forming technology of 863、973 plans. in the mid and late 80 s, some domestic universities and research institutes to begin the MIM technology introduction and the research, and production is gradually completed to industrial production in the late 90 s. Until 2006 years later, as the German BASF feed effective promotion in China, most new MIM producers choose BASF CATA - MOLD feed as raw materials for MIM project to investment and construction. Up to now,domestic existing wax base feeding system (degreasing method: solvent degreasing + hot debonding) and Germany's BASF company promotion polyformaldehyde feeding system (degreasing method: acid catalytic skim).China's original wax base feeding system similar with international wax base on the feed system on the principle, but in terms of the quality stability of the feeding has obvious gap, in the process of industry development has brought MIM business some problems. With the rapid development of the MIM industry, catalytic degreasing technology is superior to the Chinese wax base feed system comprehensive performance  of in production standardization、production efficiency、integrated manufacturing cost, etc. It solved the MIM industry industrialization development bottleneck in China
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