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                MIM technological characteristics-Guangdong JinCai Technology Co., Ltd.
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                MIM technological characteristics
                MIM technological characteristics
                MIM technology as a kind of manufacturing high quality precision parts near net forming technology, with a conventional powder metallurgy、machining and precision casting method incomparable advantage;
                1) Structure is unlimited: To product the complex metal parts as plastic molding, formed directly, structure is not restricted;
                The item molding shape by plastic can be achieved by MIM can be art.
                We can design poriferous、concave and subsidence, and design screw thread、knurl、lettering、engraved brand, etc;

                2) Easy to mass production:It is suitable for continuous production, large quantities of bulk demands larger product highlights technology advantage

                3) Physical performance are reliable: products have a good organization uniform and density, density can be up to 95%– 99% of theoretical density;;
                Products are of good surface finish,the process directly to Ra1.6, also can make ordinary polishing、mirror polishing;
                According to the need for carburizing、quenching and tempering heat treatment, etc
                Surface is also needed for electrophoresis、plating (nickel plating、hard chromium、gold、silver etc.)、vacuum coating and other surface treatment;

                4) Product is high quality precision: One molding product size precision can be up to + / - 0.1 ~ 0.5%, and general precision requirements of the product can be directly production guarantee, part of the position with high dimensional accuracy requirements can also be through additional machining further ascension;

                5) Vary material available: special purpose alloy are apply to the MIM process ,like stainless steel、soft magnetic alloy、iron nickel alloy material、tungsten alloy、tool steel, etc.

                6) Apparently low costs: complicated structure parts under the condition of large quantities and mass production, the cost can be greatly reduced.

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