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                MIM material properties-Guangdong JinCai Technology Co., Ltd.
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                MIM material properties
                1.Common MIM materialcharacter
                material desity
                g / cm3
                strength of extension
                yield strength
                Ductility % hardness
                Metal Powders Properties
                FN0205 7.5 380 170 3 120HV10
                950 800 3 340HV10
                1200 1000 2 600HV10
                316L SS 7.8 510 180 50 120HV10
                17-4PH SS 7.6 950 660 3 320HV10
                1100 950 8 38HRC
                1180 1050 8 42HRC
                420 SS 7.7 1744 1290 3.5 50HRC
                440C SS 7.7 1660 1245 1 50HRC
                M2 8.1 1500 1200 / 60HRC
                W Alloy 17.8 / / / 320HV1
                Remark:It’s the MIM commonly used materials listed in the form, requiring other material, please contact our company.

                2.Tolerance range
                size range
                < 3 3 ~ 6 6 ~ 15 15 ~ 30 30 ~ 60 > 60
                tolerance 0.05 0.06 0.075 0.15 0.25 ~ 0.5%
                Product Application

                MIM technology products application field have been involved in the national economy in various fields, It’s have a widely prospect of market.

                Computer and auxiliary equipment :Such as printer parts、magnetic core、firing shaft pin、drive components

                Tools: such as gun drill、Drill clamp used parts, electric tools, hand tools ,wrench ,and milling head ,nozzle.

                Household appliance: Such as watch case simulation jewelry bracelet electric toothbrush scissors fan golf head cutter and other parts of the cutting tools

                Medical equipment parts: such as Teeth orthopedic frame、scissors、tweezers

                Military weapons parts: Missile rear wing、gun parts 、bullet 、liner、fuze parts.

                Electrical parts: such as the micro -motor parts, electronic parts、sensing device、 phone、BP parts;

                Mechanical parts: such as loose cotton machine、textile machine、sewing machine office machineand all kinds of small complex parts;

                Car、shipping parts: such as the inner ring of the clutch、the rocker panel board 、fork set、distributor set、auto airbag parts、car locks;

                Oilfield drilling with all kinds of heterotypic stereoplasm alloy nozzle, etc
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